3rd Base

Our brand of market-ruled american hedonism requires us to be like sharks, always moving. Unaware of it’s own friction and immune to it’s own speed, as Travis Morrison would say, we are a people that turns its nose up at regulations and boundaries. To stand in the path of another’s progress is inhumane, our market

Christopher Willits – Simplicity

I started listening to Christopher Willits in the search for music that brought me into a meditative, calm state. His 2014 album Opening stood as my go to album to re-balance myself when the constant influx of information and communication got overwhelming. I’m very excited to see where he takes this mentality on Horizon, and

Resident / Designer

This event is a partnership between PG>PI and AIGA Houston, with co-collaborators Chris Valdez (PG>PI) and Michelle Coffey (AIGA). RSVP here please. RESIDENT / DESIGNER will explore the roles and points of connection between designers, communicators, activists, and organizations that serve the public interest through a conversation with Houston community leaders. Moderator: Michelle Coffey, AIGA Houston